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Almost like an argumentative essay and yet different, writing a proposal essay is not as easy as it may seem. You could say that a proposal essay is somewhat like a blend of an argumentative and persuasive essay where you first propose an idea and then convince people to support your suggested idea. You need to take up the right cause as your proposal essay topic and do a lot of research on it to put across your point convincingly. have enlisted the best proposal essay topics with examples so that you can bring your A-game on while writing your proposal essay. Although a great proposal essay topic will help you cut the mustard and make an impression on the readers, the way you write the essay must be your priority. Let us explore how to write a great proposal essay so that you can do justice to a good proposal essay topic. Let us first start with the key elements that a proposal essay must have.
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The expert writers on provided the outline for a proposal essay which is quite different from that of other essays. Although a proposal essay starts with an introduction and ends with a conclusion like most essays, it is the body of the essay that differs. Unlike the usual 3 paragraphs, the body of a proposal essay is divided into two parts. Here is what is common in the proposal essay samples.


 In the introduction, you must provide background information and essential details about the proposal essay topic that you want to pitch. Make sure that the opening is catchy enough to be able to attract the reader’s attention. Start with statistics to reflect the magnanimity of the issue you want to address. Also, treat the last sentence of the introduction like the thesis statement.


The body is divided into two major parts, and the first part is the statement of purpose. In this section, you write about the idea you propose and want the reader to adopt. Make sure that the idea is explained in details and that it touches every aspect of the topic.

Plan of action

 Coming to the second part of the body, the POA is where you explain how you plan to achieve the proposal. You discuss what the steps are that can be adapted to redress the idea you have suggested. We suggest that you use a separate paragraph for every plan of action.


 In the end, summaries the key points and include a call-to-action urging the readers to do something to solve the issue taken up. A CTA will help you make the essay more appealing. Do not make the mistake of including new information in the conclusion.

Now that you are aware of the essentials, it is time that you learn how to master the art of writing a commendable proposal essay. Here are some brilliant tips from experts of that you can use to get better at writing a proposal essay.


1- Make it informative

However well you may write, you can persuade your readers (in this case, your professor) only by making your essay rich in information. So carry out extensive research and find as many details as possible. You must have enough evidence to support all your claims.

2- Use relevant sources

Again, cramming your essay with unreliable and irrelevant data is just going to take you farther from your dream of making it to the top with your essay. So make sure that you take information from scholarly sources.

3- Cite it well

You cannot really expect that the proposal essay topic that you have taken up has never been pitched by anyone else. The facts that you are going to use in your proposal essay can give rise to plagiarism. Use citations and create a reference list to avoid any penalization for piracy.


4- Use your vocabulary skills

Apart from the details, the one weapon that can convince our readers is a well-written piece. Use your words to create a compelling piece. Do not overuse words and steer clear from generic words. Instead, go for better synonyms. Also, write the essay using a formal tone.

5- Choose a topic that you believe in

However good you are with your words, you will not be able to convince others if you are not surefooted yourself. Research for proposal essay topics and zero down on the one that you feel strongly about.

That brings us to the best proposal argumentative essay topics that you can consider writing your piece on. Read more for the best 50+ proposal essay topics for college students.


You no longer have to go fishing for a trending topic for your proposal essay. Expert writers of have prepared a complete list of topics arranged in nine categories, so that you have a topic irrespective of the discipline you belong to.

Student lifestyle
  • Plan to create a well-rounded curriculum for high school and college students
  • Role of parents in encouraging children to engage in extracurricular activities
  • How can schools and colleges avoid bullying within the premises?
  • What can parents do to protect their children from peer pressure?
  • Ways to establish better relationships between teachers and students
  • How to improve the involvement of parents in a child’s education?
  • How can the TV be made productive to aid in a child’s educational life?
  • Why should foreign languages be included in the curriculum?
  • How to motivate students to read?
  • What should the gradation system include so that children learn to be better humans and not just good students?
  • How can sex education courses be imparted to students apart from textbooks?
  • Should the amount of coursework and assignments on students be reduced?
Health and Lifestyle
  • What ways can be adopted to reduce obesity in children?
  • How to reduce the rate of alcohol abuse among adolescents?
  • How can a country ensure healthcare coverage for all its citizens?
  • How can the supply of drugs like antidepressants and tranquilizers be controlled?
  • What can be done to increase the funding for research on cancer?
  • How to avoid risks of congenital disabilities in in-vitro fertilization?
  • What can each one of us do to combat climate change on an individual level?
  • How can animal exploitation be stopped without turning vegan?
  • What can be done to reduce the problem of plastic bags?
  • How can country laws counter the level of environmental degradation?
  • How can the problem of vehicle pollution be countered?
  • What can be done on the grass-root level to counter soil degradation?
Technology and Science
  • How can we reduce our dependence on technology?
  • How can the usage of internet be limited for children?
  • What can be done to protect data from online breaches?
  • What can be done to prevent and eliminate cyber-bullying?
  • How can classrooms be upgraded to online educational reforms?
  • Why should the use of social media be restricted?
  • How to make sports a part of our everyday life?
  • How can the media be kept away from sportspersons?
  • What measures can be taken to limit the use of steroids by sports personalities?
  • How can sportspersons create a positive health image for the masses?
  • Should extreme sports for entertainment be banned?
  • How can Cyber-sport be redesigned to frame young minds?
  • What can parents do to inculcate ethical values in their children?
  • How can the government reduce homelessness in the United Kingdom?
  • What can be done to combat racial thoughts in children?
  • How can we promote tolerant behavior within European society?
  • What can be done to deal with the decline of morality in media?
  • How to deal with unemployment in the UK?
  • What can be done to protect small businesses against huge chains?
  • How can customers exercise their right to report mistreatment?
  • How can the cottage industry be given better scope?
  • How can remote work be made more transparent?
  • What is the solution to unemployment among the youth?
  • How to replace bankruptcy with businesses?
  • What could be done to make the electoral system more transparent?
  • What measures can be taken to counter an economic crisis?
  • What can be done to avoid the misuse of free speech?
  • How can the government handle illegal immigration better?
  • A measure that can be taken to lower the national debt
  • How can the culture of debt be controlled for a better economy?

A proposal essay on any of the above topics can help you fetch an excellent grade provided that you incorporate our tips to write your piece. If you are still facing difficulties to write a convincing proposal essay, then you can always fall back on academic help from our essay experts.


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